A bit of a crazy weekend here at the Auld household.  Let me recap:  Saturday morning craft fair set up, after set up Greg takes Emma to Emergency Room 'cause the shoulder she fell on Thursday doesn't seem to be getting better.  Greg drops off Michael with DS and Legos and we hang at the fair.   In relatively short order the text report arrives that there is no sign of fracture.  Greg brings Emma to craft fair, we have lunch, boys depart, 'cause really, craft fairs are kind of a female scene.  Greg calls an hour later saying that on second look, the Emergency Room staff thinks it might be a green stick fracture and they want to see her again to splint it.  Not to be totally bad parents, but how to work this in with the other scheduled Saturday events?

Greg takes Michael to planned play date with BFF and fellow Lego aficionado Nathanial.  Returns to craft fair to pick us and all our stuff up.  We drop stuff at home and head to our hair cut appointments.  I know, I know - the girl needs a splint and I took her to get her hair cut first?  Yep.  But we both looked like Shuan White and the haircuts were completely necessary.  We get Emma in early, then Greg picks her up and heads to Emergency Room.  After I finish, I head home via Nathanial's.  At this point we are already late for a dinner party with a close friend.  I know, I know - again - but this is an annual dinner my friend hosts in honor of her brother who died in an airplane crash 15 years ago.  It was a lovely dinner, Emma was really doing okay plus gets oodles of sympathy.  We get home late and crash, to awaken this morning to Sunday School teaching, church, then the boys head out on a Scout hike.  Emma and I I chill and attempt to get the 3 tons of laundry under control, get the trash out, and get dinner started.  Okay, she mostly chills, I mostly run around like a crazy person.  Whew!

I'll post more on the craft fair tomorrow (let's call it a semi-success), but while there I worked on a project to keep my hands busy and well, to seem more like the jewelry designer I aspire to be.  My inspiration was this week's Margie and Me challenge put together by La Bella Joya, a slipper orchid:

Both the purples in the flower and the rich maroon background behind it were what caught my eye.  I picked out purple crystals that my sister-in-law Cynthia brought me from Shanghai and some opaque maroon crystals that remind me of red velvet.  I decided to make links out of them, and then wrapped wire around them to a:  see if I could do it and b: to make the links seem delicate.  All I had with me were a spool of wire and tools, so I made swirly S links to connect them, and decided to continue the theme with the dangles on the earrings.  As you can see no two swirls are alike.  I kind of like it but also know that I kinda need to do it a WHOLE LOT MORE and then my wire wrapping might look more put together.  (I am headed to ArtBliss this next weekend and know I will learn more about wire there!)

Emma, my usual muse, said I should finish the necklace with silver chain.  Then we thought that a purpleish silk ribbon would look even cooler.  Plus it would be fun to make it adjustable.  Awesome, an excuse to do some shopping! 

Speaking of shopping, La Bella Joya is also having a major de-stash sale!  I got some awesome deals on wires, clasps and other goodies.  Check it out here.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I will totally forgive you for being late when you create such amazingness. Beautimous. I love it and I'm so jealous of your wire wrapping skills!

  2. Wow! Busy weekend. Glad that Emma is ok. Sorry to hear about her splint. Glad that the fair went well. Can't wait to hear more about that.

    Love the necklace! Great work. Love the idea of a purple silk ribbon.

  3. I hope Emma is doing well, that is such a shame....and all on such a busy weekend. And I thought MY weekend was busy! :-)


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