Why is it that you crave unscheduled alone time, and when you have it, you don't know what to do with yourself?  Shopping clearly is a time filler for me :-) but I am kicking around the local library until a late meeting and thought I would share two things.

First, the Beads For Busy Gals CFO/CIO stayed up way too late last night to make a technological leap for me.  Now, you can type in http://www.beadsforbusygals.com/, an address I bought in 2007 on faith, and it will bounce you right over to this blog.  How cool is that?  He even figured out how to change my domain ownership to another more tech friendly company. 

Secondly, I participated in the Happy Mango Beads Songs of Summer beading contest.  Alas, I was not a winner, but the pieces that did win were pretty amazing.  Take a look here.

Here's hoping the meeting tonight isn't too long and the storm brewing in the Gulf doesn't keep my plane from leaving for home tomorrow...


  1. Have a great trip!
    I have been craving time alone (being a stay at home mom in the summer can be interesting) but you are right I never know what to do with my self!


  2. Hey Elizabeth! If you want to join my challenge this weekend, let me know, and as soon as you get your post up, I'll update mine to show your link! I hope you were able to play along!!!!


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