I have been fantastically lucky on the random drawing front - thanks Lorelei and Amy - but have a personal goal to win because of my design.  So, here is my first entry into the August Art Bead Scene blog monthly challenge.  The inspiration this month is a painting called Sunrise:

You can read more details about the painting here.

Now the rules state that "Beads by themselves and beads simply strung on a chain, wire or cord will not be accepted" so I am not sure if this will pass the test.  But these three beads kind of found each other on the chaos that is my desk.  The disk is from Alisha White and is a single left over from a set I bought and used on this necklace.  The pendant was an awesome freebie that Sue Beads sent when I ordered a bunch of beads from her shop a couple months ago (it's a scrabble game piece).  The orange stone (no idea what it is - my bead accounting skills are so sad!) is on my desk 'cause I made a necklace for my sister-in-law with a bunch more of the orange stones and this one was supposedly going into earrings to match (sorry Cynthia!).  I wire wrapped all three with a bit of dangle, and strung all three on a faux leather braided cord and added an extender with a small turquoise glass bead at the end for an added bit of color.  You can check out this (hopefully) and all entries here.

I have some more Alisha White beads that will be a potential second entry into this months contest, but we are quickly approaching the end of summer vacation that has seemed so far away for so long - can't believe the adventure starts next weekend!


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