So Saturday I was in a BEADING ZONE!  It was a great session where ideas kicking around my brain were coming together.  Maybe adding to my happy mood was that Greg and I were going to go out with our good friends Craig and Kathleen to a nice dinner sans kids (thank you for baby sitting Grandma Miller!).  Which totally put me in the mood to wear something girly, like a snappy new sundress I got at Target (say it with me, Taaaar-zaaaay).  Snappy accessories are definitely in order, the dress needed something turquoise and black, and before I knew it my hands reached out to a stash of large beads that would be perfect.  A couple black beads and some faux suede I had bought a while ago at Michael's and voila - snappy times 10!

I love this set too much to sell it, but I have plenty of the big beads, so I might make another set or two to put in my shop.

Speaking of shops and dressing up, I've been taking lots of pictures of my Etsy stuff to snappen things up a bit more in that department too.  Of course, as I crop and shrink the pictures I see details in my pieces that make me want to totally redo them, and my pictures aren't quite as snappy (tired of that word yet??) as they seemed when I took them, which is just me being whiny.  I uploaded some new pictures for the listings linked below, but left the originals too.  If you would take a look and let me know what you think it would be so, so awesome.   Thanks!


  1. Wow, Elisabeth, you're lucky to have that opportunity to go out sans kids...and I bet you DID look snappy! :-) Gotta love that word!
    Your photography is great...I think the close ups in the pink flamenco earrings is exceptional - SO crisp and clear...just PERFECT. In the jade bracelet and crazy-heart necklace sets, in my humble opinion, there's no need for the extra photos that are brighter than the others. They make your jewelry look a bit washed out and are not consistent with the other pictures in the set that are GREAT (just my 2 cents). Will be in touch...


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