I wanted to participate in the Vintaj Secret Garden challenge.  Totally did not think it through - had an idea last week, ordered Vintaj (dragonfly pendant, key charm for the toggle, petal cut outs for the large flowers, small open gear for the other side of my toggle, and assorted findings) from Lima Beads and some Swarovski, silk ribbon and some other pieces and parts from Artbeads, which all arrived while we were in NYC.  So...my plan was to arrive home after a 3 day vacation, and sit down and put together the design imagined in my head?  And get good pictures and post them by noon the next day?  A day that I had to go to my paying day job, and give a speech FROM MEMORY at a good friends retirement?  Clearly I did not think things through.  As it turns out, our train was delayed about an hour, so we pulled into the driveway at 11 p.m., and with a sigh gave in to reality.

But I still had all of the stuff I ordered, so this morning I put together the design I imagined in my head.  I like how it turned out, kinda - what do you all think?  It's a color matching thing I am not sure about - the Raspberry Lime Sorbet ribbon, the two tone twisted pink disks from Jerri's Glass Art Beads, the green glass beads I already had and the Padparadscha Swarovski beads (yes that's the official color - dark pink would be easier to type) don't match as well as I imagined.  If you've read my blog or know me, I tend to be a little too matchy-matchy and symmetrical, so I am genuinely interested in what you think.  Here are two pictures for you:

UPDATE:  to see the entries that did make the dead line and to vote for your favorite, go to this page on the Vintaj blog.

P.S. - I know natural light is best for pictures - but my beading and blogging usually takes place late at night (note time stamp on this blog) - any photo tips for me while you are ruminating on my design?


  1. That necklace is really pretty and I love how you used the "Paddy" beads to offset both the Sari ribbon and teh copper. Great job!

  2. I love the necklace!! It is a great combination of elements. I love the ribbon I may have to look into this for my pieces.

  3. It's absolutely lovely...a winner no matter that it couldn't be entered into the contest!


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